Medication Information


All.. medications must be given according to the guidelines established by the state of Tennessee.
1. An ADULT must bring medications to school. No medications are to be carried
on a school bus by a student (except asthma inhalers and epi-pens).

2. Medications ordered by a doctor must be in the original prescription bottle. The
label should contain: the child's name, nameof the medication, amount of
medication to be given (we only give the amount on the bottle, if this is changed
we must have a doctor's written order) time the medication is to be given, name
of the pharmacy with the phone number, and the physician's name.

3. A parent must fill out a written consent prior to the child taking the medication.
Consent forms are available in the school office or the school clinic.

4. Students are not allowed to carry medications on them with the exception of
inhalers for asthma and epi-pens for severe allergies. These medications must
also have a signed consent form signed and be checked in with the school nurse.

5. Parents must bring non-prescription medications into the office and sign a
consent form. The medications must be in the original container. We will NOT
give medications sent to the school in baggies, envelopes or wrapped in paper. These
medications will not be returned to the student and you will have 1week to pick
them up, after that time they will be disposed of.

It is very important that you follow the above guidelines. These are the state
requirements that we must meet. I realize that these policies may cause some
inconvenience for parents and guardians, however no amount of inconvenience is too
great to keep the students safe and healthy.

In the event that your child requires emergency care, the school will contact emergency
medical services. The school cannot designate a specific hospital. Emergency personnel
must follow their own specific regulations and take the child to the nearest hospital.
Pleasebe sure that you inform school officials throughout the year if there is a change
in your child's health status. Pleasebe sure that you also keep current any phone
number changes, or emergency contact information that may change.
Pleasesign on the student health form that you have read and understand the medication guidelines.