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Carter, Chad Assistant Principal
Foster, Debbie Principal
Hunter, Christine Assistant Principal

Ashby, Christy 4th Grade Science
Beaver, Cassie Fifth Grade Science
Beyer, Rebekah Fifth Grade Social Studies
Browning, Ryan Physical Education
Buchanan, Sherrie 6th grade Reading/Language Arts block
Butler, Jill Music
Carter, Chad Assistant Principal
Casey, Dana 8th grade Reading/Language Arts block
Casey, LaShae Media Specialist
Craig, Libby Kindergarten
Daniel, Donna Kindergarten
Davis, Tracy 7th and 8th grade Science
DeHart, Heath 7th/8th Social Studies
Dunivan, Brandy 7th grade Reading/Language Arts block
Dye, Erin 1st Grade
Evans, Eagin Guidance
Fears, Rebecca Third
Foster, Debbie Principal
Frame, Jennifer Reading Intervention
Gardner, Janet 8th Grade Math
Golden, Mary First
Grant, Carol Second
Hastings, Debbie Kindergarten
Hendrix, Heather Physical Education
Hunter, Christine Assistant Principal
Hunter, Jennifer K-8 Special Education
Johnson, Angela First
Lamb, Jennifer Kindergarten
McCann, Jennifer 6th Grade Math and Computer
Mefford, Cindy Fifth R/LA block
Mole, Melanie Second
Osgood, Tascha Fourth Grade Math
Patterson, April Second
Pike, Suzette Second
Richardson, Heidi First
Riggins, Catherine 4th Grade Reading/Language Arts
Sieh, Gema ESL
Smith, Randy 4th Grade Social Studies
Steelman, Holly Third
Tate, Candace Speech
Tucker, Denise Fifth grade Social Studies
Usery, Mary Lynn CDC
Washburn, Lisa Sixth Grade Science/Social Studies
Watt, Karen 7th Grade Math
White, Nicole Third
Williams, Terra Third
Wright, Peggy Reading Intervention

Arnold, Candy CDC Aide
Atchley, Tiffany CDC Aide
Bowden, Becky Library Aide
Clark, Vicky Nurse
Connor, Johnny Custodian
Couch, Keith Custodian
Curry, Kathy K-3 Aide
Davis, Patricia Cafeteria
Gault, Kristy Custodian
Gordon, Daphne Cafeteria
Gray, Marsha Cafeteria
Halcomb, Michelle Special Education Aide
Hall, Michelle Office/4-8 Aide
Hill, Cindy Special Education Aide
Massey, Dana Bookkeeper
McRaney, Yvette Cafeteria Manager
Meeker, Amanda K-3 Computer Lab Aide
Neelon, Jim CDC Aide
Osborne, Angela K-4 Special Ed. Aide
Pitts, Carrie Special Education Aide
Pruett, Heather Secretary
Smith, Herbert Custodian
Smithson, Candi Cafeteria
Steelman, April Cafeteria
Sullivan, Marie Special Education Aide
Sumners, Tracey K-4 Special Ed Aide
Taylor, Cindy ISS Aide
Taylor, McKenzie Special Education Aide
Weber, Kathy CDC Aide
Williams, Monica Attendance Clerk
Wright, Caleb Special Education Aide